To the left after the bridge leading to Neorion comes:

Micro Neorion with stones on the beach and in the water.
Calypso bay is a small beach with sand and stone and a small bar.
Neorion is a nice beach with sand in the sea-bottom.
Love bay has sand on the beach and stones in the water.
Russian bay has a long pier. There is a bar with snacks during high season. There are stones on the beach and in the water.

Forward and to the right of  the bridge, comes:

Kanali beach lies nearest Poros town right between the big and the small island. Suitable for children with long shallow. Sand and stone on the beach and in the water except a small belt of stones.
Askeli is the widest beach on the island with sand and a few stone further down but it also has one of the island’s clearest waters.
Monastery beach is located as long as you can drive to the east. Carm and peasefull.

The bakside of the island:

Vajonia bay has sand and stone on the beach and it’s very difficult to walk in the water.



The guide of Poros