Poros consists of two islands, the small volcanic islet of Sfairia over which Poros town houses cluster on its hillside and the pine-swathed Kalavria.
Poros lies 31 n. miles from the port of Pireaus and is one of the most popular islands for sailing and yachting. Poros bay will offer you many small and quiet spots for relaxing.
Poros takes its name from the sea passage that separates the island from the Peloponnesian mainland.

On Poros there are several organized walking and cycling trails. Spring and autumn are the best seasons for hiking and cycling. In the winter it can be cold and rainy and in the summer the heat is very stressful between 10.00 and 16.00.

Read more about walking and cycling trails via the link below.

We who have written this guide are a Swedish family who have visited Poros twice a year since 1999. During all these years we have always stayed at Panorama Apartments.

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